Monday, August 1, 2011

Ropecon 2011

The biggest roleplaying, larping and miniatures convention is now over. For me it meant two days of Warmachine/Hordes and avoiding larpers/cosplayers as much as possible. On Friday evening we had a 25-point Highlander v2 feat. No Characters -tournament. My list was pVlad, Devastator, Spriggan, Widowmakers, Marksman, Wardoggy and Greylord Ternion. My plan was to shoot infantry with Widowmakers, and be indestructable with Vlad and Devastator while Spriggan was lurking for assassination vectors.

In the first game I was paired against Jani's Trollbloods army (Grissel, Swamp Troll, Mauler, Kriel Warriors, Krielstone gang, Chronicler). I was really scared at first: Jani went first and the scenario was Incursion. So, after his first turn about whole his army was beyond the flags and up in my face. I moved up and started shooting with Widowmakers, inflicting damage nicely. On his second turn he charged Spriggan and inflicted major pain on him but didn't kill it. On my second turn I used my feat, ran Devastator to one objective and charged Spriggan to Mauler and to hold the second objective. Spriggan didn't kill Mauler, but Widowmakers kept shooting the endless waves of Trolls. On his next turn he scrapped my Spriggan and I had no choice but to send Vlad to hold the center objective. Though, I was not really worried about that, he seems to be quite tough nut to kill with Blood of Kings. His Grissel was close to that objective too and we ended up bashing each other's casters for a couple of rounds. In the end he was not able to kill Vlad and Vlad finished off Grissel.

My second game was against Olli's Cryx (pAsphyxious, McThralls, Surgeon, two nodes and Harrower). Scenario was Destruction this time. Olli started and ran everything towards me. I shot with widowmakers and moved up a bit. On my second turn I managed to charge Harrower with Spriggan, but on his third turn he charged Spriggan with pAspy, used feat and turned it into a pile of scrap. Widowmakers and Greylords killed all McThralls but Aspy was able to kill all my other models too besides pVlad. So in the end we had only Vlad and Asphyxious standing, watching each other. He could always move up a bit, throw some spells at me and Teleport to safety, so I saw no other choice than to try casting some missiles at him (while casting BoK to keep me alive). Missile missed, Asphyxious charged me, hit me and killed Vlad in that one activation. This game got me really frustrated as I had thought I could beat any caster in end game but it wasn't like that. But no worries, this was the more casual tournament and had only one game left.

In the last game of the night I was paired against Tero's Circle army (eKrueger, Stalker, Woldwyrd, Woldshooters, min Wolf Riders, Shifting Stones). This time scenario was the radial "control the center and contest a flag with warcaster". Armies met at the center, he charged and destroyed my Spriggan with Stalker. I was able to kill Woldwyrd with pVlad's charge (previously shot it with some Widowmakers) and sent Devastator to use Rain of Death against Krueger. I rolled 13 and already rolled a branch where he'd transfer the damage. He just raised his hand to shake mine as the Stalker was full of Fury. This completely caught me off guard, but I guess that's just fine in WM/H. I can't really remember another time where I have killed an opposing caster completely accidentally.

Later that night we grabbed some beers, went to sauna and played some drunken hardcore WM/H. Next time I'll write about Saturday's main tournament (and one of the most horrible hangovers I've had in ages).

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A couple of games with Cygnar: Impressions

We had quite a long gaming session last night and I was trying out some Cygnar stuff: most importantly Triumph ( !!! ) and the Storm Strider. I played all my games with eHaley and thus these thoughts are mainly focused around her.

Storm Strider seemed to be rather good. Chilling near back end of the table and shooting lazerz (pewpew). It provided easy solutions to units that are sometimes hard to kill (high DEF and/or stealth), though Cygnar doesn't seem to have real problems with them. Add Arcane Shield and Deceleration and he is not that easy to kill either and he collects power tokens to shoot stuff even more dead. With Power Tokens and Temporal Acceleration it can really give some hurt even to warjacks.

Then, the Triumph! God I like him a lot. Being able to ignore stealth while aiming is a huge thing in my book. Say bye bye to Tartarus. I played him against Witch Coven and slowly walked up the field and started to threaten the Egregore (which normal Defender could never do). With a shield and Arcane Shield he was able to hold an objective for quite some time. Yeah, he might be a point overcosted, but I'm still very happy to have some anti-stealth stuff in my army.

Monday, July 18, 2011

First game against Wraith Engine

Yesterday I got the first game against the new Cryx Battle Engine. I was playing eHaley and my opponent eAsphyxious (casual sunday evening gaming and stuff...). He had quite basic eAspy stuff (Bane Thralls and Knights, Biles) besides that huge terrifying monster. We deployed and I started the game. I ran everything up and he ran everything and set up some smokes so that I could only see his Battle Engine. The Battle Engine also started to be too close to my army (it having a 13" threat range etc) so I knew I had to get rid of it. I shot B13's brutal shots and a couple Arcane Bolts from eHaley and the Wraith Engine was only a smoking wreck (that is still not a wreck in the game...). A huge "PHEW" came out of my mouth, now I only had to worry about Banes, Excarnated Biles and eAspy's feat...

So, so far the Battle Engine didn't ruin my game, quite the contrary. It actually got me thinking is it too soft, now I was able to take it out quite easily. Add Aiyana&Holt to your list and you never have to worry about the Wraith Engine again...

Maybe in my next game I'll see the Engine in the middle of the action?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

RopeCon and Mael-ETC 2012

I have a couple of events upcoming: one in near future, one further away. RopeCon (basically translated to Roleplaying Convention) is the biggest roleplaying, larping, card game, and most importantly, miniatures convention in Finland. For me it means a lot of Warmachine/Hordes (and trying to avoid larpers as well as possible, they scare me!). There are two tournaments in RopeCon: on Friday evening a Highlander 2.0 (instead of just one of each you get to choose 1-2 of each) and on Saturday is the main event, a 50p SR2011 tournament. So far my lists are pretty much all open. I have a couple of quite good of them, now I just should choose it and paint it. At the moment I'm thinking Trollbloods for the main event (them being my main army and stuff) and Khador for the Highlander 2.0 (there are a couple nice lists in Khador for a smaller point event). But only time will tell what happens, I've had some other thoughts too...

On the other hand, me and some friends decided to attend Maelstrom's ETC next year, wohoo! Tickets must be bought August 3rd (hopefully we won't miss that). The list metaing has already began and we were thinking to start insane practising for the event (so we wouldn't be total losers there). I counted 112 Warcasters in WM/H. If I play twice against every one of them (or once against it and once with it against my list), it means a game more frequently than every other day. Not an impossible schedule, but maybe I'd better start playing asap...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

First games with Damiano

I managed to find a counts-as-miniature for Damiano (God I hate that model...) last week and even got a couple of test games with it already. My first list was Highborn Covenant:

Captain Damiano (*6pts)
* Mangler (8pts)
Alexia Ciannor & the Risen (Alexia and 9 Risen Grunts) (5pts)
Arcane Tempest Gun Mages (Leader and 5 Grunts) (6pts)
* Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Officer (2pts)
* * Mariner (8pts)
Steelhead Halberdiers (Leader and 9 Grunts) (6pts)
Steelhead Riflemen (Leader and 9 Grunts) (9pts)
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution (3pts)
Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist (2pts)
Master Gunner Dougal MacNaile (2pts)
Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator (1pts)
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord (2pts)
Sylys Wyshnalyrr (2pts) 

First game was against Scaverous' quite basic Cryx army (Deathjack, Banes, min unit of Biles, a couple of nodes, solos and stuff). My opponent managed to kill my Gun Mages on his second turn (Excarnated Bile Thralls have too big threat range) and then I had huge troubles killing his Banes (especially Tartarus) and at the same time they just multiplied (grrrr, Tartarus...). His DJ was hiding behind a forest at the beginning of the match, and finally I managed to throw my Mangler at him (with Warpath, on my feat turn). Mangler only managed to scratch the DJ and on the next turn my poor Mangler was turned into a Seether. I thought ARM22 was something, but against Cryx it wasn't... At this point I had only remnants left of my units and nothing was able to destroy to heavy warjack so we shook hands. What I learned from this game?

I hate Cryx.

Also, play better. The game definitely was not lost at the beginning, I should have kept Gun Mages more safe to kill Banes. Also, my list seems to be missing the thing to kill Tartarus, that might be worth some thinking...

For next game I swapped Halberdiers and Alexia to Boomhowler's gang and Ragman. I just got the Boomhowler's miniatures and was really eager to test them out. On paper they should work very well with Sure Foot. This time I was playing against Kromac's Circle army: Stalker, Pureblood, Gnarlhorn, Gorax, Wolves of Orboros and the like.

The game was fast and bloody. I casted Sure Foot on Mangler, surrounded him with Boomhowler and armies started to meet on the midfield. On my second turn I gave Boomhowler Deadeye and went after Wolves. My dice failed horribly, and didn't really hurt anyone. Next turn the Wolves charged Boomhowler&Co but B&Co lasted well, just as planned. At the same time he sent Stalker for an assassination run. It ended up quite luckily as Stalker stopped about 2,5" from Damiano after Warpath movement. Then I proceeded to kill about his entire his army which he had to leave quite vulnerable for him assassination to have a chance. I still almost managed to fail and left Damiano within 13" of Kromac. Luckily (again, for me) I had one last Boomhowler's buddy standing in front of Damiano and my opponent had nothing to kill it. First victory with Damiano, wohoo!

So, post-game thoughts then. Boomhowler&Co worked just like I had hoped, DEF15 and 4+ KD-immune tough seemed to cause some problems on my opponent. Deadeye is such an awesome spell on pretty much any unit, but especially on Gun Mages. SH Riflemen didn't convince me yet really well, but it might be just the opposing armies' fault, I didn't get a real chance in either game to use them properly.

That's all this time. Thanks for reading this far!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Lock&Load spoilers

We had a local tournament a week ago, at the same time as L&L was held. After that I left for a summer vacation for the week: When returning from the holiday I found out that there were a couple of quite tasty spoilers in L&L.

Level 7 !!! Zomg zomg zooomg, what the heck is it? That's pretty much my feelings about L7 now. All we know about it is that it's a sci-fi setting, "something completely different than PP has done before" and will have multiple games in the setting. Matt Wilson explains in his forum post what Level 7 is not. Everyone is guessing that it's not a straight-up miniature game (competing too much with WM/H). I'm also not convinced that it's purely a card game. Perhaps there is a card game set in Level 7 but I hope that's not all. What I'm now guessing is that it's a Descent-style board game. Though Matt Wilson said that the miniatures won't be made in Bellevue, so I don't really know. This all is naturally purely guessing and anything can happen in the future of Level 7. The only thing sure is that next summer can't come fast enough.

Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game returns in GenCon 2012. This is where it all began (for Privateer Press and for me personally too) and it's good to have it back. IKRPG has been dead in my play group for years now and it's really nice to have a date set to wait for. I'm curious about playing Warcasters/locks but they have their problems in RPGs. Of course if they are just a possibility to play there's no problem, but if the party is always focused around Warcaster/lock, I'll be hugely dissapointed.

Epic Alexia was on sale in L&L. The figure seemed quite nice, though I was hoping a bit more. Probably that was just me wanting her to be something superspecial. Her stats on the other hand seemed really nice. She collects souls from her control area, and can use *action to create Thrall Warriors (up to the number of souls she has, which is max three). As we already knew, she is mounted on a dead horse and is thus quite fast, able to deliver the three Thralls wherever needed.

Scattergunner UA gives the unit Granted: Quick Work, Tactics: CMA and Tactics: "sprays automatically miss friendly models". This definitely changes the unit from "spray & pray & never hit anyone" to "let's try to hit them in melee and then we might get a shot to try to hit someone with spray". I'm not totally convinced about Scattergunners yet, but with the new UA I probably should give them a try. With Fellcaller they are MAT7, P+S9. CMAing two guys brings this to MAT9 P+S11 which is about the same as Fennblades with Fellcaller and Scattergunners get an odd spray there too. On the other hand, the Fennblades charge miles further than Scattergunners...

Scattergunners seem to have some nice synergies with Warlocks too. pDoomshaper gives them Fortune to help hitting (which is the main problem there, naturally), Calandra helps them in both hitting and damage power with her feat and Grim can give DEF minuses to enemies either as a spell or his feat. They might also turn nasty with pMadraks feat, if it really works that they can kill an enemy, spray, then move 1" and get the new melee attack. Though, they still have problems hitting even the broad side of barn...

Wrathful review: Cygnar part three

Now it has become the time for the last part of my Wrath:Cygnar review.

Archduke Alain Runewood, Lord of Fharin (Character Solo)

Cygnar got their first melee weaponmaster! Though, that's not probably the main thing about this guy, buffing your dudes is. He gives Sword Knights Reform (as Elite Cadre) which should help SKs a little, though I'm still not that convinced about SKs (mainly because Steelheads rock so hard). He also has three battle plans he can give to a unit: pathfinder, raising them from Knockdown or a small buff hitting on charge attacks.

So, he should work rather nicely with Rhupert buffing a unit. He frees Rhupert from giving Pathfinder when necessary and can raise your unit up after they have all toughed. Though, Runewood+Rhupert is five points supporting your units, which is quite much. He also has a Handcannon and the already-mentioned weaponmaster melee attack, both of which are quite nice (and he can use one of them and still give a Battle Plan to a unit).

IMO he is definitely playable, but three points is quite a lot for him. Though, two points would have been too little (kinda having 2,5 point dilemma)...

Captain Jonas Murdoch (Mercenary Unit Attachment)

Murdoch has been out for a while already. He can be added to any Mercenary Unit (naturally they have to work for Cygnar) and he becomes the unit leader. The unit becomes Cygnarian while Murdoch is alive and is thus able to profit from "friendly faction" buffs. The main things seem to be his own abilities, though. He has Assault order and Go to Ground minifeat. So the best units for him should be the units with both melee and ranged capability, eg. Nyss Hunters, Ogrun Assault Corps, Devil Dogs and the like. With GtG Nyss Hunters should become quite a pain to kill and assault gives them some random shots before charge attacks. Also, Murdoch is the unit leader and thus Cylena can hang out way back and there's not much of a risk to lose CRA she grants.

Storm Strider (Battle Engine)

It has two guns with respectable POW to hurt pretty much anything besides closed Devastator and might be able to boost the damage rolls (it gains power tokens when it is hit by the enemy, up to three). The guns also give D3 bounces that inflict POW10 damage rolls. It has Repulsor Field (pretty much the same as Revenger's shield) which makes it quite hard to kill in melee. Or at least you have to do some tricks not to bounce away. Or just charge it with Bane Thralls...

With DEF10 ARM18 it's not very hard to kill in a turn (to deny him getting power tokens), but give him Arcane Shield and your opponent starts having troubles.

Strider also gives +2 to electrical ranged attack rolls if the target is within 5" of SS. This should help Storm Blades and Storm Lances quite nicely.

All in all I'm pretty happy with the Storm Strider. It has its place in some lists but probably not in all of them. And I'm interested to play against it (or with it), but not that scared of it.

Next up: My thoughts about the spoilers from Lock&Load (hopefully tonight) and after that I'll continue my Wrath reviews.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Wrathful review: Cygnar part two

Now it has become time for the second part of my Wrath:Cygnar preview. All in all, all the new warjacks Cygnar got are quite good (yeah, I like even Triumph), solo is nice as is the mercenary-UA.

Triumph (Character Heavy Warjack)

The so much hated machine, labelled as "Fail" instead of Triumph by the Cygnar community. He keeps the Defender heavy barrel but swaps defender's hammer for a shield. Quite a loss in melee power, but quite a gain in armor. He's RAT7 (being character and stuff) and has Arcane Precision (aim to ignore stealth). So he just stays where he is and creates a 16" raidus area where Tartarus and the like won't like to enter. Add him Arcane Shield and you have a nice warjack to hold an objective area, something which seems to be quite hard for Cygnar. I can see that losing the hammer is a hard hit but I'd still find a place for him in my army. Heck, at the first when eMagnus' new tier list could take him I was really enthusiastic to try it out, but now mercenaries were denied of their fun, meh. Perhaps a point overcosted, but still cool.

Gallant (Character Ally Heavy Warjack)

Constance's pet jack, with quite a little special. It gains a focus when nearby Morrowans, has Shield Guard and gains Purgation with Constance. If you're playing Precursors Gallant is well worth thinking to help caster's focus load. Purgation is quite situational, but sometimes it might rock. Being an Ally it also works for mercenaries, which seem to enjoy it quite a bit more than Cygnar perhaps. At least MacBain and Damiano might find him really appreciated, as they seem to be quite midline casters. MacBain can give Failsafe to Gallant who them becomes quite a pain to kill. I'm happy with Gallant, he has his uses but nothing too overpowered.

Avenger (Heavy Warjack)

The new warjack on the "new" aka "Centurion-chassis". The main thing about the warjack is of course the ranged weapon, causing auto-knockdown to all models in the AOE4 on a hit to an enemy model. Its range is only 10 and RAT 4, but I don't think these will become huge problems. Just marshall it to Gun Mages and use artillerist on him and you're hitting DEF14 with ease. He is also no lackluster in melee and seems like a solid addition to Cygnar's warjack collection.

Minuteman (Light Warjack)

This little guy is probably my favourite warjack in this book. Perhaps he won't see much time in competitive play but he just seems so much fun. Bounding Leap, Flak Field and two shooting attacks (although, with RNG4), and the possibilities are limitless. With Kraye he may move fast like cheetah, use Flak Field, then jump and walk away. Or move up, Flak Field and shoot stuff dead and backup to a forest. Or think about Siege's feat and Flank Field (equals to dead infantry). I like, seems much fun. Now I want to start a Cygnar army too...

Next time: Storm Strider, Archduke Runewood and Captain Murdoch.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wrathful review: Cygnar part one

I shall continue on my quest on Wrath and now it's time for the crown jewelry of Iron Kingdoms: Cygnar. Their new warcaster is naturally

Constance Blaize, Knight of the Prophet

The first thing to be noted about Constance is that she is an Ally Warcaster, the first and only so far. This means she works for Mercenaries, specifically for Highborn Contract. This brings up a whole new level of army building as you first have to decide which faction to play with her. More of that later, now more about herself.

Quite mediocre stat line with nothing really special. She has a couple of nice special rules: Flank[Morrowan] and Inspiration[Morrowan]. So, no worries about command checks on Precursor Knights and she can get the job done in melee if needed.

Her spell list on the other hand seems a bit blaah. Transference and Crusader's Call are naturally really good spells and Banishing Ward should be occasionally nice (and you might not need to take eEiryss...). Flashing Blade is an awesome spell if you have the guts to play in the front rank and still stay alive. Sunburst is pretty basic magic missile with some little extra on it, nothing so special here.

But then we get to her feat, where the money is in my opinion. She gains a soul token for each friendly faction warrior model destroyed in her control area. Then she and all friendly faction warrior models in her CTRL area gain +1ARM for each soul token on her. Finally, on the next turn soul tokens turn into focus points. Woaah, this shit just got serious. So, you run your Steelhead Halberdiers / Sword Knights in your opponents face so he has to kill them first. Now your Constance has ten more focus points next turn, is pretty much unkillable and her army is pretty hard to kill either. Maybe worth thinking then is to bring an arc node so you'll have a nice spell-slinging assassination attempt on the next turn?

For her army, she definitely wants loads and loads of infantry and only a warjack or perhaps two. Precursor Knights are the quite obvious, thematical choice and they should work pretty fine for her. After that, already mentioned Sword Knights or Steelhead Halberdiers should be quite nice choices. For her warjack, I'd probably add Gallant to give her some protection from ranged attacks and hitting power. In a Cygnar army she gets the normal stuff: Squire, Jr Warcaster (Arcane Shield to Gallant perhaps) and B13. In a Merc army on the other hand she gets Steelheads as faction models and that might be the route I'd take. You get 30 Steelheads for 18 points, they should be wickedly good with Crusader's Call and for her feat. Then I'd add Nyss Hunters for some ranged support and melee power at the same time (Nysses should approve Transference's boosted attack rolls really nicely). With Gallant your about at 30 points, add a couple of solos and you're ready to go for a 35-pointer.

Next up then: Other Cygnar stuff.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Wrathful review: Mercenaries part two

And so continue my ramblings about Mercenary content in Wrath:

Rover (Heavy Warjack)

I'm not totally convinced about this Warjack yet. It has a basic P+S17 main weapon, a shield (raising its ARM to a respectable 20) and a shield gun. With Point Blank it has three initial attacks which is naturally quite nice. The only special rule it really misses is Reach. Mercs can get a Warjack with reach for six points, paying eight points for a non-reach Warjack seems kinda pointless. Heck, even the Mule (being quite dedicated shooty jack) has reach! I might have to test Rover out before judging it too hard though.

Rocinante (Character Heavy Warjack)

Guard Dog for all my precious Mercenary warcasters? Yes please! At nine points Rocinante seems to be a solid Warjack, if you're planning only include one or two. Also, Defensive Strike is nothing to sneeze at. If Rocinante is chilling out near your caster, he might save you from a nasty melee assassination with it. With Damiano Rocinante gains Quick Work, giving him extra shooting attacks if killing stuff in melee.That seems also cool, so he can kill that odd guy standing in the way, but still keep on shooting normally. One thing worth noting could be Damiano giving Surefoot to Rocinante, and then keeping these two nearby each other. Both being immuny to KD and Damiano having almost insanely-high DEF can't go really wrong. Add Gallant to the mix to take the eEiryss' shot.

Ogrun Assault Corps (Unit)

Already spoiled a while ago. For quite a reasonable price they bring lots of AOEs to the table, and for the first time ever the combination of CRA and AOE. With five-man CRA, even the blast damage raises to a respectable 11. CMA seems kinda pointless with medium bases and no reach, but pairing them up should work just fine. Overall I'm not really convinced, but there might be some insane synergies between them and Durgen's feat.

Ragman (Character Solo)

Ragman has two spells: Bone Shaker and Death Field. Death Field is "the thing" in Ragman (well, at least in my opinion), giving Dark Shroud (see Bane Thralls) to nearby models. The range of Death Field is really limited and it is a special action, so Ragman can't run and give Dark Shroud like Bane Thralls so often do. Still, when he manages to give his aura to a warjack charging another one, that -2ARM might mean the difference of life and death. Bone Shaker is a nice little magic missile, and it has its uses. Overall, very nicely balanced model. Not too easy to use, but effectively used can be a gamechanger. He works for Cryx, Khador and Cygnar. I'm guessing we'll never see him in a Cryx army, but the cygnarians should be cheering for him.

Sylys Wyshnalyrr (Character Solo)

A warcaster attachment that gives a free upkeep, some range for caster's spells and mini Signs&Portens for magic attacks. At two points he seems like a solid choice for pretty much every caster (who doesn't like an extra focus, eh?). He works for Cygnar, Khador and Retribution. In a Khador army he is a nice alternative for Wardog. Both of these options are really good, and the choice is more about personal preference and playstyle. In a Cygnar army, erm, why would you take it over the Squire... Retribution and Mercenary armies on the other hand get their first warcaster attachment. At least Rahn should enjoy him, giving S&P to magic attack gives more reliable assassination runs and he surely upkeeps at least one spell. On a Merc army at least MacBain should find a true friend from Wyshnalyrr, being able to upkeep one spell and still use his feat fully.

Constance Blaize, Gallant and Kayazy Eliminators are Allied models/units and thus can work for Mercenaries. I'll comment these later, when handling their respective factions.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wrathful review: Mercenaries part one

Yay, here it is: the first real post about WM/H and specifically about the newest book for Warmachine: WRATH. What surprised me the most about this book is the number of Warjacks in it. I was waiting (and hoping too) every faction to get a unit, perhaps two. Now the only real unit is Ogrun Assault Corps and Khador got a two-woman unit Kayazy Eliminators. Anyhow, here's my thoughts about Mercenary content in Wrath:

Captain Amador Damiano

I like this guy a lot, he will probably become one of my favourite casters for Mercenaries. Sure foot, Deadeye, Death March and Warpath are all excellent spells, and Convection is pretty basic POW12 missile almost all the casters have. Death March with pretty much any unit (Kayazies, Boomhowler&Co, and even basic Steelhead Halberdiers) sounds good to me. I haven't yet thought throughly what is the best target for Sure foot, but at the moment a heavy jack surrounded by (Death Marched) Boomhowler&Co seems cool. Everyone has to like DEF14 Boomhowler's company with immunity to KD, eh? Another nice choice might be Damiano himself (though that means dropping Warpath) or giving it to Rocinante (his own character warjack, more of it later) who stands near Damiano. Deadeye is pretty straightforward spell, naturally, it just makes shooting easier. Best target for the spell seems to be Gun Mages, but other valid targets might be Nyss Hunters, Steelhead Riflemen (though this might be a bit overkill, see Moneyshot) or Steelhead Heavy Cavalry. Warpath gives nice little movement to Warjacks (I can move them out of the way and stuff), and it still gives the +3" to threat range of all Warjacks in Damiano's battlegroup.

Damiano has no other special rules besides Paymaster[Steelheads]. He can give either Reform or Moneyshot to gain +2 to ranged attack and damage rolls to a Steelhead unit once per turn. He has five coins, and after that the special rule is useless. Moneyshot should be really good with Riflemen, making two-man CRAs, giving RAT9 POW15 (rerolling misses). Nine point unit can make five of those per turn? Yes please! Or giving it to Cavalry's blunderbusses, resulting then in RAT7 POW14 shots. I can approve these too...

Damiano's feat was the point in which I was most disappointed when I first heard of it. But the more I've thought about it, the more I like it. +3 to STR and ARM is pretty straightforward, but after all, it is nice. I've had trouble cracking highly armored armies, this feat should resolve those problems.

My armies & what's up next

What I forgot from the first post was my armies. As I said there, I started with Protectorate of Menoth, which was my first love for a long time. Actually for the whole MKI time, which was two or three years. PoM army expanded quite a lot from the start and I was able to play 1000 point games. When starting WM/H again I got frustrated about PoM and decided to try Khador. Butcher's new miniature was just released back then and I had to get it. Soon I got interested in Hordes and decided to give it a try starting Trollbloods. I first bought Battlebox, but right from the start my go-to casters were eDoomshaper, eMadrak and Calandra. Trollbloods has been my "main army" ever since, but I've had my fair share of "other small armies", including both Farrow and Gatormen for Minions plus most recently, Mercenaries. I also started a Circle army but it somehow ended up to my brother. Oh, I almost forgot, I also started a Cryx army one night when I wanted to play something nasty.

At the moment Trollbloods and Mercenaries are the two armies that interest me the most. Minions also have a soft spot in my heart, but they are so limited I feel pretty much everything is tried out already. I have tried all the Trollblood warlocks besides pDoomshaper and pMadrak and enjoyed pretty much them all. From Mercenaries, MacBain has been my favourite and hopefully soon Damiano will join the ranks of the sellswords.

So, what's up next, you wonder. Naturally it must be Wrath breakdown. Yeah, it is done in every other blog or podcast and yeah, no one might read this one, but I'm still doing it bravely. At least it will sort my thoughts about what's in Wrath.


Hey all, nice to see if anyone reads this! I guess the first post should be started with who am I and why amd I starting this blog.

So, my name is Teemu, and I'm know as TheEmu on most of the forums (pretty much everywhere it is possible). I use a stupid looking emu as my avatar to be identified a bit more easily. I'm a 21-year-old guy living in Turku, Finland. I study mathematics at the university (that might have an impact on some of my opinions, don't know).

I started wargaming with Warhammer 40 000, specially with Space Marines (is there another way to start miniature gaming than Ultramarines?) eight years ago or something. It was rather casual gaming, couple of young kids playing around. We didn't really have a clue about the rules even. A couple of years later we tried Lord of the Rings miniature game with quite the same mentality. Next we hopped to Warhammer Fantasy Battles at the time of Battle for Skull Pass (seventh edition Warhammer starter box). A few months later we found out that there was a tournament coming and decided to go for it. The tournament was arranged by a local gaming club (called Ordo Aboensis, btw), and there we found out that the club arranged weekly gaming nights too. I got hooked and started going there weekly. About the same time I had a group of friends with which we played Iron Kingdoms RPG and from there we found out about WM/H. We ordered some miniatures (I bought pKreoss, Castigator, Devout and Dervish, if anyone is interested). At the club we found more people who were interested about WM/H and we started playing quite regularly. We had quite nice player base before the announcement for MKII, but when the announcement hit we pretty much everyone fled to other games (myself pretty much to Warhammer). There was no point playing as the new rules would change everything and it would be horrible and unplayable and horrible and DOOOM.

Then came MKII. At first we were sceptical but we decided to give it a shot. I can't say I was instantly hooked again, but after a couple of months I got hooked well. At the same time GW released their muchknown eight edition for Warhammer which gave me the final thrust for WM/H (eight edition is not bad per se, but it's nothing compared to WM/H, in my opinion). Nowadays we have again quite regular player base with weekly gaming nights and bi-monthly (or about that) tournaments. In a year WM/H rised from a game no one knew to the biggest game played in our club (right past Warhammer and 40 000). I became a Press Ganger and am also the chairman of our club. We've organized quite a lot nice tournaments, but one to mentions was the Nordic Open Tournament, which was held in March 2011. We had players from four countries, and I'm really really proud of the event. Hopefully we'll see even more people in NOT2012.

In recent times we have tried other games too (not to replace WM/H but to supplement it). We went through Flames of War, because WW2 is awesome, but the game was not my cup of tea. Next we tried Infinity, because those models are gorgeous, but we didn't like that game much either. Now we are semiactively playing Malifaux (we got to it, well, because the models are awesome...), which seems like an excellent game. There's just one problem with it. Every time we play it we wonder why aren't we playing WM/H...

Nowadays, I'd categorize myself as a tournament player or competitive gamer (if I had to). I'm anyhow much more of a gamer than a hobbyist, though I much prefer playing with nicely painted armies. Though, too often I see myself playing with unpainted force. I throughly enjoy thinking about lists and different model interactions (metaing some might say). This is probably the main reason I'm starting this blog, I want a place to talk about WM/H stuff when everyone else is asleep or bored with my ramblings.