Monday, June 27, 2011

Lock&Load spoilers

We had a local tournament a week ago, at the same time as L&L was held. After that I left for a summer vacation for the week: When returning from the holiday I found out that there were a couple of quite tasty spoilers in L&L.

Level 7 !!! Zomg zomg zooomg, what the heck is it? That's pretty much my feelings about L7 now. All we know about it is that it's a sci-fi setting, "something completely different than PP has done before" and will have multiple games in the setting. Matt Wilson explains in his forum post what Level 7 is not. Everyone is guessing that it's not a straight-up miniature game (competing too much with WM/H). I'm also not convinced that it's purely a card game. Perhaps there is a card game set in Level 7 but I hope that's not all. What I'm now guessing is that it's a Descent-style board game. Though Matt Wilson said that the miniatures won't be made in Bellevue, so I don't really know. This all is naturally purely guessing and anything can happen in the future of Level 7. The only thing sure is that next summer can't come fast enough.

Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game returns in GenCon 2012. This is where it all began (for Privateer Press and for me personally too) and it's good to have it back. IKRPG has been dead in my play group for years now and it's really nice to have a date set to wait for. I'm curious about playing Warcasters/locks but they have their problems in RPGs. Of course if they are just a possibility to play there's no problem, but if the party is always focused around Warcaster/lock, I'll be hugely dissapointed.

Epic Alexia was on sale in L&L. The figure seemed quite nice, though I was hoping a bit more. Probably that was just me wanting her to be something superspecial. Her stats on the other hand seemed really nice. She collects souls from her control area, and can use *action to create Thrall Warriors (up to the number of souls she has, which is max three). As we already knew, she is mounted on a dead horse and is thus quite fast, able to deliver the three Thralls wherever needed.

Scattergunner UA gives the unit Granted: Quick Work, Tactics: CMA and Tactics: "sprays automatically miss friendly models". This definitely changes the unit from "spray & pray & never hit anyone" to "let's try to hit them in melee and then we might get a shot to try to hit someone with spray". I'm not totally convinced about Scattergunners yet, but with the new UA I probably should give them a try. With Fellcaller they are MAT7, P+S9. CMAing two guys brings this to MAT9 P+S11 which is about the same as Fennblades with Fellcaller and Scattergunners get an odd spray there too. On the other hand, the Fennblades charge miles further than Scattergunners...

Scattergunners seem to have some nice synergies with Warlocks too. pDoomshaper gives them Fortune to help hitting (which is the main problem there, naturally), Calandra helps them in both hitting and damage power with her feat and Grim can give DEF minuses to enemies either as a spell or his feat. They might also turn nasty with pMadraks feat, if it really works that they can kill an enemy, spray, then move 1" and get the new melee attack. Though, they still have problems hitting even the broad side of barn...

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