Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wrathful review: Cygnar part one

I shall continue on my quest on Wrath and now it's time for the crown jewelry of Iron Kingdoms: Cygnar. Their new warcaster is naturally

Constance Blaize, Knight of the Prophet

The first thing to be noted about Constance is that she is an Ally Warcaster, the first and only so far. This means she works for Mercenaries, specifically for Highborn Contract. This brings up a whole new level of army building as you first have to decide which faction to play with her. More of that later, now more about herself.

Quite mediocre stat line with nothing really special. She has a couple of nice special rules: Flank[Morrowan] and Inspiration[Morrowan]. So, no worries about command checks on Precursor Knights and she can get the job done in melee if needed.

Her spell list on the other hand seems a bit blaah. Transference and Crusader's Call are naturally really good spells and Banishing Ward should be occasionally nice (and you might not need to take eEiryss...). Flashing Blade is an awesome spell if you have the guts to play in the front rank and still stay alive. Sunburst is pretty basic magic missile with some little extra on it, nothing so special here.

But then we get to her feat, where the money is in my opinion. She gains a soul token for each friendly faction warrior model destroyed in her control area. Then she and all friendly faction warrior models in her CTRL area gain +1ARM for each soul token on her. Finally, on the next turn soul tokens turn into focus points. Woaah, this shit just got serious. So, you run your Steelhead Halberdiers / Sword Knights in your opponents face so he has to kill them first. Now your Constance has ten more focus points next turn, is pretty much unkillable and her army is pretty hard to kill either. Maybe worth thinking then is to bring an arc node so you'll have a nice spell-slinging assassination attempt on the next turn?

For her army, she definitely wants loads and loads of infantry and only a warjack or perhaps two. Precursor Knights are the quite obvious, thematical choice and they should work pretty fine for her. After that, already mentioned Sword Knights or Steelhead Halberdiers should be quite nice choices. For her warjack, I'd probably add Gallant to give her some protection from ranged attacks and hitting power. In a Cygnar army she gets the normal stuff: Squire, Jr Warcaster (Arcane Shield to Gallant perhaps) and B13. In a Merc army on the other hand she gets Steelheads as faction models and that might be the route I'd take. You get 30 Steelheads for 18 points, they should be wickedly good with Crusader's Call and for her feat. Then I'd add Nyss Hunters for some ranged support and melee power at the same time (Nysses should approve Transference's boosted attack rolls really nicely). With Gallant your about at 30 points, add a couple of solos and you're ready to go for a 35-pointer.

Next up then: Other Cygnar stuff.

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