Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A couple of games with Cygnar: Impressions

We had quite a long gaming session last night and I was trying out some Cygnar stuff: most importantly Triumph ( !!! ) and the Storm Strider. I played all my games with eHaley and thus these thoughts are mainly focused around her.

Storm Strider seemed to be rather good. Chilling near back end of the table and shooting lazerz (pewpew). It provided easy solutions to units that are sometimes hard to kill (high DEF and/or stealth), though Cygnar doesn't seem to have real problems with them. Add Arcane Shield and Deceleration and he is not that easy to kill either and he collects power tokens to shoot stuff even more dead. With Power Tokens and Temporal Acceleration it can really give some hurt even to warjacks.

Then, the Triumph! God I like him a lot. Being able to ignore stealth while aiming is a huge thing in my book. Say bye bye to Tartarus. I played him against Witch Coven and slowly walked up the field and started to threaten the Egregore (which normal Defender could never do). With a shield and Arcane Shield he was able to hold an objective for quite some time. Yeah, he might be a point overcosted, but I'm still very happy to have some anti-stealth stuff in my army.


  1. Well, haven't faced Triumph myself, but somehow seems to me that the worst possible match-up for Witch Coven is the Triumph. And maybe all other stealthy warcasters & warlocks too.

    I want to see Triumph considered "Okay" warjack as it looks pretty, but definitely need to see some thoughts beyond facing Witch Coven. So... wink wink, nudge nudge ;)

  2. I've used Triumph to good effect. He's killed Bane Lord Tartarsauce, Totem Hunters, and scared the crap out of eLylth. I also used him (and Kara Sloan) to win a normally unwinnable 25pt game against eKaya. He's not an auto-include, but he is great against anything with stealth.

  3. Good to see that I'm not the only Triumph fan in the world. :)