Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wrathful review: Mercenaries part one

Yay, here it is: the first real post about WM/H and specifically about the newest book for Warmachine: WRATH. What surprised me the most about this book is the number of Warjacks in it. I was waiting (and hoping too) every faction to get a unit, perhaps two. Now the only real unit is Ogrun Assault Corps and Khador got a two-woman unit Kayazy Eliminators. Anyhow, here's my thoughts about Mercenary content in Wrath:

Captain Amador Damiano

I like this guy a lot, he will probably become one of my favourite casters for Mercenaries. Sure foot, Deadeye, Death March and Warpath are all excellent spells, and Convection is pretty basic POW12 missile almost all the casters have. Death March with pretty much any unit (Kayazies, Boomhowler&Co, and even basic Steelhead Halberdiers) sounds good to me. I haven't yet thought throughly what is the best target for Sure foot, but at the moment a heavy jack surrounded by (Death Marched) Boomhowler&Co seems cool. Everyone has to like DEF14 Boomhowler's company with immunity to KD, eh? Another nice choice might be Damiano himself (though that means dropping Warpath) or giving it to Rocinante (his own character warjack, more of it later) who stands near Damiano. Deadeye is pretty straightforward spell, naturally, it just makes shooting easier. Best target for the spell seems to be Gun Mages, but other valid targets might be Nyss Hunters, Steelhead Riflemen (though this might be a bit overkill, see Moneyshot) or Steelhead Heavy Cavalry. Warpath gives nice little movement to Warjacks (I can move them out of the way and stuff), and it still gives the +3" to threat range of all Warjacks in Damiano's battlegroup.

Damiano has no other special rules besides Paymaster[Steelheads]. He can give either Reform or Moneyshot to gain +2 to ranged attack and damage rolls to a Steelhead unit once per turn. He has five coins, and after that the special rule is useless. Moneyshot should be really good with Riflemen, making two-man CRAs, giving RAT9 POW15 (rerolling misses). Nine point unit can make five of those per turn? Yes please! Or giving it to Cavalry's blunderbusses, resulting then in RAT7 POW14 shots. I can approve these too...

Damiano's feat was the point in which I was most disappointed when I first heard of it. But the more I've thought about it, the more I like it. +3 to STR and ARM is pretty straightforward, but after all, it is nice. I've had trouble cracking highly armored armies, this feat should resolve those problems.

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