Thursday, June 16, 2011


Hey all, nice to see if anyone reads this! I guess the first post should be started with who am I and why amd I starting this blog.

So, my name is Teemu, and I'm know as TheEmu on most of the forums (pretty much everywhere it is possible). I use a stupid looking emu as my avatar to be identified a bit more easily. I'm a 21-year-old guy living in Turku, Finland. I study mathematics at the university (that might have an impact on some of my opinions, don't know).

I started wargaming with Warhammer 40 000, specially with Space Marines (is there another way to start miniature gaming than Ultramarines?) eight years ago or something. It was rather casual gaming, couple of young kids playing around. We didn't really have a clue about the rules even. A couple of years later we tried Lord of the Rings miniature game with quite the same mentality. Next we hopped to Warhammer Fantasy Battles at the time of Battle for Skull Pass (seventh edition Warhammer starter box). A few months later we found out that there was a tournament coming and decided to go for it. The tournament was arranged by a local gaming club (called Ordo Aboensis, btw), and there we found out that the club arranged weekly gaming nights too. I got hooked and started going there weekly. About the same time I had a group of friends with which we played Iron Kingdoms RPG and from there we found out about WM/H. We ordered some miniatures (I bought pKreoss, Castigator, Devout and Dervish, if anyone is interested). At the club we found more people who were interested about WM/H and we started playing quite regularly. We had quite nice player base before the announcement for MKII, but when the announcement hit we pretty much everyone fled to other games (myself pretty much to Warhammer). There was no point playing as the new rules would change everything and it would be horrible and unplayable and horrible and DOOOM.

Then came MKII. At first we were sceptical but we decided to give it a shot. I can't say I was instantly hooked again, but after a couple of months I got hooked well. At the same time GW released their muchknown eight edition for Warhammer which gave me the final thrust for WM/H (eight edition is not bad per se, but it's nothing compared to WM/H, in my opinion). Nowadays we have again quite regular player base with weekly gaming nights and bi-monthly (or about that) tournaments. In a year WM/H rised from a game no one knew to the biggest game played in our club (right past Warhammer and 40 000). I became a Press Ganger and am also the chairman of our club. We've organized quite a lot nice tournaments, but one to mentions was the Nordic Open Tournament, which was held in March 2011. We had players from four countries, and I'm really really proud of the event. Hopefully we'll see even more people in NOT2012.

In recent times we have tried other games too (not to replace WM/H but to supplement it). We went through Flames of War, because WW2 is awesome, but the game was not my cup of tea. Next we tried Infinity, because those models are gorgeous, but we didn't like that game much either. Now we are semiactively playing Malifaux (we got to it, well, because the models are awesome...), which seems like an excellent game. There's just one problem with it. Every time we play it we wonder why aren't we playing WM/H...

Nowadays, I'd categorize myself as a tournament player or competitive gamer (if I had to). I'm anyhow much more of a gamer than a hobbyist, though I much prefer playing with nicely painted armies. Though, too often I see myself playing with unpainted force. I throughly enjoy thinking about lists and different model interactions (metaing some might say). This is probably the main reason I'm starting this blog, I want a place to talk about WM/H stuff when everyone else is asleep or bored with my ramblings.

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