Thursday, June 16, 2011

My armies & what's up next

What I forgot from the first post was my armies. As I said there, I started with Protectorate of Menoth, which was my first love for a long time. Actually for the whole MKI time, which was two or three years. PoM army expanded quite a lot from the start and I was able to play 1000 point games. When starting WM/H again I got frustrated about PoM and decided to try Khador. Butcher's new miniature was just released back then and I had to get it. Soon I got interested in Hordes and decided to give it a try starting Trollbloods. I first bought Battlebox, but right from the start my go-to casters were eDoomshaper, eMadrak and Calandra. Trollbloods has been my "main army" ever since, but I've had my fair share of "other small armies", including both Farrow and Gatormen for Minions plus most recently, Mercenaries. I also started a Circle army but it somehow ended up to my brother. Oh, I almost forgot, I also started a Cryx army one night when I wanted to play something nasty.

At the moment Trollbloods and Mercenaries are the two armies that interest me the most. Minions also have a soft spot in my heart, but they are so limited I feel pretty much everything is tried out already. I have tried all the Trollblood warlocks besides pDoomshaper and pMadrak and enjoyed pretty much them all. From Mercenaries, MacBain has been my favourite and hopefully soon Damiano will join the ranks of the sellswords.

So, what's up next, you wonder. Naturally it must be Wrath breakdown. Yeah, it is done in every other blog or podcast and yeah, no one might read this one, but I'm still doing it bravely. At least it will sort my thoughts about what's in Wrath.

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