Monday, July 18, 2011

First game against Wraith Engine

Yesterday I got the first game against the new Cryx Battle Engine. I was playing eHaley and my opponent eAsphyxious (casual sunday evening gaming and stuff...). He had quite basic eAspy stuff (Bane Thralls and Knights, Biles) besides that huge terrifying monster. We deployed and I started the game. I ran everything up and he ran everything and set up some smokes so that I could only see his Battle Engine. The Battle Engine also started to be too close to my army (it having a 13" threat range etc) so I knew I had to get rid of it. I shot B13's brutal shots and a couple Arcane Bolts from eHaley and the Wraith Engine was only a smoking wreck (that is still not a wreck in the game...). A huge "PHEW" came out of my mouth, now I only had to worry about Banes, Excarnated Biles and eAspy's feat...

So, so far the Battle Engine didn't ruin my game, quite the contrary. It actually got me thinking is it too soft, now I was able to take it out quite easily. Add Aiyana&Holt to your list and you never have to worry about the Wraith Engine again...

Maybe in my next game I'll see the Engine in the middle of the action?

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