Friday, June 17, 2011

Wrathful review: Mercenaries part two

And so continue my ramblings about Mercenary content in Wrath:

Rover (Heavy Warjack)

I'm not totally convinced about this Warjack yet. It has a basic P+S17 main weapon, a shield (raising its ARM to a respectable 20) and a shield gun. With Point Blank it has three initial attacks which is naturally quite nice. The only special rule it really misses is Reach. Mercs can get a Warjack with reach for six points, paying eight points for a non-reach Warjack seems kinda pointless. Heck, even the Mule (being quite dedicated shooty jack) has reach! I might have to test Rover out before judging it too hard though.

Rocinante (Character Heavy Warjack)

Guard Dog for all my precious Mercenary warcasters? Yes please! At nine points Rocinante seems to be a solid Warjack, if you're planning only include one or two. Also, Defensive Strike is nothing to sneeze at. If Rocinante is chilling out near your caster, he might save you from a nasty melee assassination with it. With Damiano Rocinante gains Quick Work, giving him extra shooting attacks if killing stuff in melee.That seems also cool, so he can kill that odd guy standing in the way, but still keep on shooting normally. One thing worth noting could be Damiano giving Surefoot to Rocinante, and then keeping these two nearby each other. Both being immuny to KD and Damiano having almost insanely-high DEF can't go really wrong. Add Gallant to the mix to take the eEiryss' shot.

Ogrun Assault Corps (Unit)

Already spoiled a while ago. For quite a reasonable price they bring lots of AOEs to the table, and for the first time ever the combination of CRA and AOE. With five-man CRA, even the blast damage raises to a respectable 11. CMA seems kinda pointless with medium bases and no reach, but pairing them up should work just fine. Overall I'm not really convinced, but there might be some insane synergies between them and Durgen's feat.

Ragman (Character Solo)

Ragman has two spells: Bone Shaker and Death Field. Death Field is "the thing" in Ragman (well, at least in my opinion), giving Dark Shroud (see Bane Thralls) to nearby models. The range of Death Field is really limited and it is a special action, so Ragman can't run and give Dark Shroud like Bane Thralls so often do. Still, when he manages to give his aura to a warjack charging another one, that -2ARM might mean the difference of life and death. Bone Shaker is a nice little magic missile, and it has its uses. Overall, very nicely balanced model. Not too easy to use, but effectively used can be a gamechanger. He works for Cryx, Khador and Cygnar. I'm guessing we'll never see him in a Cryx army, but the cygnarians should be cheering for him.

Sylys Wyshnalyrr (Character Solo)

A warcaster attachment that gives a free upkeep, some range for caster's spells and mini Signs&Portens for magic attacks. At two points he seems like a solid choice for pretty much every caster (who doesn't like an extra focus, eh?). He works for Cygnar, Khador and Retribution. In a Khador army he is a nice alternative for Wardog. Both of these options are really good, and the choice is more about personal preference and playstyle. In a Cygnar army, erm, why would you take it over the Squire... Retribution and Mercenary armies on the other hand get their first warcaster attachment. At least Rahn should enjoy him, giving S&P to magic attack gives more reliable assassination runs and he surely upkeeps at least one spell. On a Merc army at least MacBain should find a true friend from Wyshnalyrr, being able to upkeep one spell and still use his feat fully.

Constance Blaize, Gallant and Kayazy Eliminators are Allied models/units and thus can work for Mercenaries. I'll comment these later, when handling their respective factions.


  1. "Maybe it's good with Durgen's feat?", and the like, is basically the death-knell call for every sub-par Rhulic release for the past year or two.

    Everyone just needs to admit that they are actually a Cygnar unit with a Character UA. In pure-Mercs, there are far-better options.

  2. Yeah, I reviewed the OAC mainly from mercenary viewpoint (me being a mercenary player and stuff) and perhaps ignored the options other factions bring to them. Good to have the first comment on the blog though, thanks!

  3. Not a problem! I only just picked up a copy of Wrath at L&L, so all I've had a reviews and spoilers up to this point!