Friday, June 24, 2011

Wrathful review: Cygnar part two

Now it has become time for the second part of my Wrath:Cygnar preview. All in all, all the new warjacks Cygnar got are quite good (yeah, I like even Triumph), solo is nice as is the mercenary-UA.

Triumph (Character Heavy Warjack)

The so much hated machine, labelled as "Fail" instead of Triumph by the Cygnar community. He keeps the Defender heavy barrel but swaps defender's hammer for a shield. Quite a loss in melee power, but quite a gain in armor. He's RAT7 (being character and stuff) and has Arcane Precision (aim to ignore stealth). So he just stays where he is and creates a 16" raidus area where Tartarus and the like won't like to enter. Add him Arcane Shield and you have a nice warjack to hold an objective area, something which seems to be quite hard for Cygnar. I can see that losing the hammer is a hard hit but I'd still find a place for him in my army. Heck, at the first when eMagnus' new tier list could take him I was really enthusiastic to try it out, but now mercenaries were denied of their fun, meh. Perhaps a point overcosted, but still cool.

Gallant (Character Ally Heavy Warjack)

Constance's pet jack, with quite a little special. It gains a focus when nearby Morrowans, has Shield Guard and gains Purgation with Constance. If you're playing Precursors Gallant is well worth thinking to help caster's focus load. Purgation is quite situational, but sometimes it might rock. Being an Ally it also works for mercenaries, which seem to enjoy it quite a bit more than Cygnar perhaps. At least MacBain and Damiano might find him really appreciated, as they seem to be quite midline casters. MacBain can give Failsafe to Gallant who them becomes quite a pain to kill. I'm happy with Gallant, he has his uses but nothing too overpowered.

Avenger (Heavy Warjack)

The new warjack on the "new" aka "Centurion-chassis". The main thing about the warjack is of course the ranged weapon, causing auto-knockdown to all models in the AOE4 on a hit to an enemy model. Its range is only 10 and RAT 4, but I don't think these will become huge problems. Just marshall it to Gun Mages and use artillerist on him and you're hitting DEF14 with ease. He is also no lackluster in melee and seems like a solid addition to Cygnar's warjack collection.

Minuteman (Light Warjack)

This little guy is probably my favourite warjack in this book. Perhaps he won't see much time in competitive play but he just seems so much fun. Bounding Leap, Flak Field and two shooting attacks (although, with RNG4), and the possibilities are limitless. With Kraye he may move fast like cheetah, use Flak Field, then jump and walk away. Or move up, Flak Field and shoot stuff dead and backup to a forest. Or think about Siege's feat and Flank Field (equals to dead infantry). I like, seems much fun. Now I want to start a Cygnar army too...

Next time: Storm Strider, Archduke Runewood and Captain Murdoch.

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